“Having recently invested in a new 5-axis VMC, the Variaxis C-600, we were in the market for some zero-point workholding. Having previously used similar systems, I had an idea what we wanted.

From first contact, Thame Workholding were nothing but supportive in making sure we got exactly what we were after. No pushy sales tactics were applied, only the drive to help answer our queries. The sales team were super responsive with our questions and offered many solutions for our requirements; detailing solutions previous customers have purchased and showing a CAD demonstration as to what the sub-plate, riser blocks and vices would simulate within the machine environment.

Due to the vast range of material size machined in-house, we needed a system that was versatile and affordable. As it was the Company’s first venture into true zero-point workholding, I knew I needed to get the right solution first time.

The SOLIDBolt zero-point clamping solution offered exactly what we were in the market for, from a quality, versatility and cost perspective. This solution was nearly 50% less than the competitor’s brand and the quality of the Thame Workholding equipment we purchased is, in my opinion, considerably better.

We are now in contact to kit out our other 5-axis machine, the VTC 800/30SR, with a similar system, thus increasing our flexibility with programs between machines and allowing exact repeatability when switching jigs and fixtures between the 2 VMC’s.

I believe Thame Workholding now has a forever customer; with the introduction of each new machine investment in the future, Thame will be our first call for a workholding solution.”