Witte Vac-Mat™

What is VAC-MAT ?

It is a thin soft polymer mat with many spaced out vacuum points, suckers in different sizes with a fine hole in each centre and a raised lip. On the underside there are six lugs which locate in the special VAC-MAT™ chuck. On the mat under surface there are grid shaped grooves which distribute the vacuum to each of the small holes. A lip right around the outside edge ensures no leakage.

What size is VAC-MAT™?

All VAC-MAT™s are 2,5 x 200 x 300 mm. The tolerance lies at +/- 0,04mm and concave up to 0,1mm. To increase the size of the working area, the modular VAC-MAT™ chucks are connected to one another and VAC-MAT™s are simply placed on.

Is VAC-MAT™ reusable?

The working life of a VAC-MAT™ depends on the number and size of cuts made into the mat during machining.

Operating temperature for VAC-MAT™?

VAC-MAT™, available in RED, BLUE and GREEN versions can be used at 40°C without any limitations

Why WITTE VAC-MAT™ is the right choice for you.


Wide spectrum of different workpiece forms can be clamped

• Milling

• Drilling

• Grinding

• Five sided treatment including milling into the VAC-MAT™


Strong hold down force

• Clamping surface with a high friction value

• Milling through of outer and inner contours

• Precise and exact cut outs due to the fact that the workpiece can be milled through into the VAC-MAT™ leaving a clean cut edge


• Set up time reduced to seconds as fitting of single rubber seals become obsolete

• Surface friendly material which avoids scratching of workpiece surface area

• No extra clamping fixture needed