Witte QuadroVac

Witte QuadroVac

QuadroVac is an innovative vacuum clamping system designed especially for workpieces with strong contours and to be machined in many axes. 

Typical applications are in the primarily mechanical processing on small to medium-sized workpieces made of different materials, as well as those with gradations, pockets or openings. 

With the systems flexibility and ease of configuration, the vacuum clamping system is suitable both for series processing and for holding frequently changing part shapes.

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Modular and individually combinable configuration

QuadroVac system consists of modular base plates which can be combined  in  various formats. These, in turn, accommodate vac clamping modules within the grid.Thes can be individually distributed as required and according to the shape of the workpiece to be clamped.

Modules are available with a flat clamping surface. Where contact is not required vacuum ports can be blanked off. For irregular heights the modules can be face-milled to the desired height by the user. The ability to be mix and match height provides a previously unachieved flexibility in the five-sided machining of clamped small and medium-sized workpieces.

Advantages, capabilities, areas of application

  • 5-sided processing including all openings possible.
  • Exact mapping of the workpiece contour is possible due to the fine suction grid.
  • Material-friendly contact surface (PVC).
  • Can also be used on sawn surfaces and raw, unmachined clamping surfaces.
  • Machining of chamfers, radii and undercuts on the outer workpiece contour at the top and bottom possible.
  • Modularly expandable.
  • Can be used vertically and horizontally.

Slotted Vacuum plates

This vacuum clamping system works with a rubber adaptor mat which allows holes, pockets and opening to be drilled without loss of vacuum. Multiple components can be machined once the rubber adaptor mat has been prepared.

The advantages of Witte’s slotted vacuum plates are their low overall height and in combination with the rubber mat, their suitability for use in high-speed cutting for milling small contours, openings and breakouts.

Areas of application

  • light cutting work, such as
  • milling
  • Drill
  • engraving

Special Benefits

  • low height
  • Wide range of possible uses thanks to the (mandatory) use of generally reusable rubber adapter mats
  • Can be used in high-speed cutting (HSC) using rubber adapter mats that can be milled plane-parallel for milling small contours
  • Clamping of smaller workpieces possible


  • Simple positioning of workpieces thanks to height-adjustable stop bars
  • limit the vacuum area with rubber adapter mats

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