Safely clean off your parts and fixtures as part of your manufacturing programming.

Unattended swarf and coolant cleaning for all CNC machines – installed in your toolholder and mounted in the machine spindle. Based on your geometry, simply programme TurboClear in a similar way to a face mill.

Better for machine operators than blowing-down the workpiece with compressed air as the operation occurs before the machine door is opened, thus preventing the coolant from atomising and being inhaled.

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  • mounted in the toolholder
  • 5000 – 8000 rpm operating speed
  • 20mm diameter 42CrMo4 steel shank with flat
  • durable and abrasion resistant fan blades manufactured using glass fibre reinforced nylon.
  • designed with an easy disassembly feature allowing quick replacement as needed
  • replacement blade assembly comes with spring holding pin and positioning pin preassembled.
  • available as a 4-blade kit
  • blade length 114mm
  • diameter (open blades) 254mm
  • diameter (closed blades) 68mm

Exclusively available from Thame Workholding, please get in touch for further information.

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