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Bespoke Workholding - Designed by us with your goal in mind

Thame Workholding are market leaders in bespoke workholding products and solutions, with over 75 years of experience in design and manufacture we know how to create the perfect solution to overcome your frustrating production restrictions.

We pride ourselves not only on finding you the most cost effective and time saving solutions, but also on outstanding quality, turnaround speed, and communications. We understand that you want a company who you can physically speak to and build a relationship with. We work hard to create a two way communication channel so you can feel comfortable that your needs are understood and taken care of.

We know ‘off the shelf’ products are not ideal for many applications, and that’s why our team are here to discuss your needs and obstacles. Together with our clients, we have designed time saving and cost effective solutions across many varied industries. Industries such as motorsports, medical, aerospace and even the special forces.

You may have seen some of our examples on our social accounts, one of which is the cutting edge ‘Magic chuck’ – a vacuum chuck designed for medical applications, it gently and securely holds acetabular liners used in hip replacement operations.

As you know, standard soft jaws are designed to hold standard shaped parts. When you have an irregular shape you need workholding designed to hold it perfectly. Our team of designers will work from your part drawings or 3D models to both design and manufacture the perfect fixture for you. In most cases reducing production time and costs and dramatically decreasing the risk for production errors.

This process is all completed start to finish by the inhouse team at our office, and factory in Long Crendon, Buckinghamshire. Producing inhouse at our own UK factory means we can provide increased communication, reduce turnaround times, have full control over quality, and lower delivery fees. Our sales, design and manufacturing team work together under one roof to provide you with the full seamless end to end result.

We could go on about past products, however, this is a bespoke service and is tailored to your businesses needs and requirements. Therefore, rather than discussing what we have done, we’d rather have a conversation with you about what we can do for you.

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