Excellent Holding Forces

The Stamping Technology is a process in which a defined tooth contour is stamped into the workpiece in advance under high pressure for subsequent clamping by the form fit. This working step takes place outside of the vice and your machine tool


At a glance:

  • Minimal clamping edge requirements Enormous material savings RESOURCE PROTECTION
  • High cutting rates Shortened machining times REDUCTION OF COSTS PER PIECE
  • Reduced vibrations on workpiece High accuracy INCREASED MILLING QUALITY
  • Low clamping pressure No material deformation INCREASED MILLING QUALITY
  • Reduced wear on the vice Higher longevity REDUCTION OF PURCHASING COSTS
  • Better accessibility Use of shorter tools HIGH PROCESS RELIABILITY
  • Lower weight Ergonomic handling RELIEVE STRAIN ON EMPLOYEES
  • Smaller footprint in machine More options within the work envelope BETTER USAGE OF CAPACITY

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