SOLIDClick and SOLIDLock vices and bases for both quick change and permanent fixed jaw solutions are the perfect answer for accurate 2nd operation fast changeover zero-point workholding. Machinable soft top jaws are available as standard in both aluminum and heat-treatable steel (special sizes available to order).


  • The SOLIDCLick centering vice is ideal for clamping your 5-sided first operation creation.
  • Fully machinable and heat-treatable top jaws (steel version).
  • Change between jobs in seconds using the SOLIDClick function.
  • Fix jaws permanently using the SOLIDLock top jaws.
  • Maximum clamping pressure 20Nm (perfect for most second operation applications).
  • High repeatability by clamping workpieces in profiled jaws, machined in situ on your machine.
  • Large clamping range due to vice and jaw sizes available as standard.
  • Easy and flexible handling due to lightweight vices and integrated Ø16 or Ø20 zero-point clamping studs 52 or 96 centres.
  • Clamping depth as standard from 0-50mm (specials available on request)
  • SOLIDClick/SOLIDLock vices and jaw combinations are available in several sizes to suit small to large work pieces.
  • SOLIDClick/SOLIDLock bases are available for our 681000-77, 683000-77, 681000-125 and 68300-125 vice bases


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