Rotor Live Centres

Rotor Live Centres

Rotor Tool AG Ltd is a Swiss-based company specialising in the design, and manufacturing of high-precision tools, precision centres and pneumatic chucks.

Their live centres, also known as revolving tailstocks, and foot stocks, are designed to improve the accuracy and efficiency of machining operations by providing a precise and stable centring point for workpieces.

Rotor Tool’s live centres can be used in various industries such as aerospace, automotive, medical, and energy, and are known for their high precision, durability, and versatility. They offer a range of models with different features and capabilities.

Options available


  • Available from MT 1 – MT 7 and metric Cones 80 and 100
  • Accuracy 0.005 (5 microns)
  • Surface hardened body and through-hardened Spindle
  • Body models; SMALL (light pieces and higher turning rates) STANDARD; SUPER
  • Lifetime Lubrication – no re-greasing necessary
  • Over-Pressure Security through a disc spring
  • Available with or without forcing/extracting nut


Main-Line Type DA

  • Pressure indicator with different colour rings
  • Spring loaded centering tips
  • Available from MT 1 – MT 7 , cylinders and VDI shafts



  • High precision, capable of high turning rates
  • Accuracy 0.002 (2 microns)
  • Versions available for tubes
  • Highly suitable for turning and grinding machines
  • Optimal protection against splash and dirt (cap)
  • Lifetime Lubrication – no re-greasing necessary


High-Precision Line

  • Lifetime Lubrication
  • Accuracy 0.002 (2 microns)
  • Available with or without forcing/extracting nut


These products are exclusively available within the UK from Thame Workholding, please get in touch for further information.