Lights Out Pneumatic Vice Actuator

Lights Out Pneumatic Vice Actuator

Now available with a Orange Vise Adapter go to the Specifications tab below to learn more.

This high precision pneumatic vise actuator/closer helps automate your CNC machine tending process by allowing a Robot to load and unload the workpiece without a human operator. Works with almost any existing 6″ milling machine vise saving you the high cost of new hydraulic vises and pump systems when you need to quickly automate your existing processes! Great for cobots! Patent Pending. See it in action with Universal Robots here!

Now with 50 ft-lbs working torque!



Orange Vise Adapter Kit


  • Includes adapter plate with Magnets, Socket Adapter, and Magnetic socket
  • Quick tool-less installation and removal after initial adjustment
  • Works on all 3-Axis Orange Vises including dual station vises
  • Adds 1.700″ of protrusion in the (Y-Axis) to the Actuator setup.
  • +$195 option


  • Repeatability of <.0002”*
  • Clamping force Repeatability of < ½ ft-lb
  • ​Clamping torque adjustable to 50 ft-lbs (see datasheet for details)
  • 225 degrees rotational travel
  • Optional IP67 open switch (sensor) for a closed loop workholding system
  • Quick, tool-less installation and removal after initial adjustment (see video)
  • Fits most manually operated 6″ milling machine vises with 3/4″ hex handle
  • Does not un-clamp if power or air pressure is lost
  • Fast shipping from stock for standard vise models

*tested with Kurt DX6 crossover vise, other vises may vary