TEC MultiRange


Enhance your 3, 4 and 5 axis capability with a MultiRise unit. The 52mm stud pattern fits SOLIDPoint from HWR as well as units from Lang, Schunk, Roemheld, Gerardi and others. The MultiRise will take any 52 centre stud pattern vices, chucks and fixtures. Use with MultiRad to achieve infinite possibilities.


  • fits 52mm SOLIDPoint and Lang style plates or 96/52mm HWR combo plates
  • combines 90° angle plate and 100mm riser
  • 90° 5-face machining
  • 100mm Z-axis riser eliminates long-reach tools
  • made from lightweight aluminium for ease of handling
  • takes SOLIDGrip and Lang vices with 52 studs up to 160mm vertically and 200mm horizontally
  • mix and match with competitors 52 centred zero-point and vices
  • attaches to 52 centred zero-point plates or can be clamped directly to the machine table with slipper plate or minor modification


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