TEC MultiRange

MultiFace 3

Get more out of your 5 axis machine tool with the MultiFace 3 fixture from Thame Workholding. This versatile fixture fits onto any HWR SOLIDPoint or SOLIDBolt 96mm plate, or similar plates from other manufacturers, and offers triple run time on your 5 axis machine. Our fixture will fit any SOLIDGrip or similar vice up to 160mm jaw opening giving you huge flexibility for large or small workpieces. Its ergonomic design means that you can machine all 5 faces of 3 blocks with only 1 loading.



  • Presents 3 components to the spindle increasing spindle up time.
  • Ergonomic design means you can access all 5 faces on each workpiece.
  • Utilises HWR 96 studs on the bottom so can be quickly changed over if required.
  • Made from lightweight aluminium making it easy to load by hand.
  • Uses HWR’s stamping technology to allow hard machining with low clamping forces.
  • Fits all SOLIDGrip vices up to 160mm jaw opening.


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