Lang Quick Tower

Zero-Point clamping system for horizontal machining centres

A stable and low-vibration cast body is our solution for the adaptation of clamping devices in horizontal machining centres. Due to multiple clamping possibilities the running time of machining centres can be increased dramatically with the Quick-Tower, which is compatible with all of our workholding devices. Workpieces in clamping devices can be rotated quickly and precisely by 90 degrees, whereby one can now finish 5 sides instead of 3. Our low-weight clamping devices are perfectly fitted for a quick set-up/ shutdown in the Quick-Tower. Our Quick-Tower cast bodies are available in two sizes (668 mm or 860 mm height). They have a precise machined surface with plane parallelism of ± 0,02 mm on total height and are mounted to the machine tool table via 12 Quick-Point clamping studs (standard) or a individual mounting pattern


  • Work piece in workholding device can be rotated quickly and precisely by 90 degrees
  • Instead of 3 sides, 5 sides can be machined
  • Individual set-up of tombstone using Quick•Point pallets
  • Compatible with all of LANG’s workholding devices
  • Low vibration due to stable cast body
  • Machine running time can be increased by multiple clamping


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