This jaw system is perfect for thin walled parts to achieve the best possible roundness results. Working on the principle of centring the workpiece on the outside diameter without pressure and then clamping from the inside diameter InoTop® thus prevents unwanted polygon formation in the clamping process. These jaws are ideal for deformation sensitive parts that otherwise prove troublesome to machine accurately.


  • Part centred without pressure from outside for clamping without polygon formation
  • Perfect roundness results
  • Controlled moving jaw for defined force transmission
  • Low-cost solution to a costly problem
  • Ideal for thin walled workpieces and small batches



InoTop jaws from HWR can be retrofitted onto any standard 3 jaw power chuck to give you low-deformation clamping for thin walled rings and tubes.

Tubes are clamped with extremely low forces from the chuck which is only centering the component whilst the manual jaw clamps the tube from the inside pinching it in three places.


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