This chuck design offers unbeatable clamping flexibility; its compensating features provide the ability to securely clamp round, cubic and geometrically irregular workpieces when milling or turning. Conventional chucks operate with all jaws moving in the same direction either towards or away from the centre of the chuck whist the Inoflex® chuck operates with the jaws moving together or apart on two parallel axes. Compensation is provided to the diametrically connected base jaws by a sliding gate type gear mechanism.


  • For concentric and compensating clamping
  • For clamping round, cubic and geometrically irregular workpieces
  • Suitable for deformation sensitive workpieces
  • Suitable for turning or milling machines
  • Available as manual clamping for diameter range 160-1200mm


“InoFlex 4 jaw compensating chuck allows us to grip any shape in the centre of the chuck within 0.020mm without having to clock in the part. The compensating mechanism automatically puts the part on centre saving us time and money by being able to slash our setup time when machining our diverse product range”

“When machining thin walled components, the InoFlex spreads the gripping load over 4 even points of grip. This gives us 10 times better roundness and allows us to use higher chuck pressure than we would with a standard 3 jaw wedge chuck”


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