Air Vise

Air Vise

Air Vise  (4”, 6” and Rotary table versions available)

The table vice is ideal for maximising efficiency, run smaller parts and change operations frequently. A unique T-Hook allows the jaws to disengage in an open position for rapid changeout. The one touch open and close feature provides consistent and repeatable clamping. The small footprint supports mounting multiple vices on a single table. The 6″ jaws allow for slightly larger parts to be run or allow multiple parts to be done at once. Ease of integration without the need to modify existing fixturing or labour-intensive set ups. This pneumatic vice offers time and cost savings while increasing consistency.

  • Footprint – 6” x 6” (152 x 152mm)
  • Jaw Width options – 6” (152mm) or 4” (101mm)
  • Maximum Operating Pressure – 200 psi
  • Throat Depth – 15/16 in (24mm)

Workholding hardware, fixture keys, jaw shim and fittings included


  • “ReadyQuick” 4”or 6″ Wide Self-Cantering 7075 T-6 Hard Anodized Soft Jaws
  • Adjustable, Consistent, Repeatable O/D and I/D Clamping Force
  • Easy Integration with Robotic Command Controls or M-Codes Operation
  • Small Footprint Optimized for Chip Evacuation

Exclusively available from Thame Workholding, please get in touch for further information.